Royal Seaport holds lighting event in the old gasworks area

19 november 2015 16:27
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20 november 2015 12:51

Royal Seaport holds lighting event

The City of Stockholm nominated the gas holders in Royal Seaport and was appointed the winner of ÅF Lightings international light competition earlier this year. The project will celebrate by holding a light event in the evening of 26 November 2015.

Some of the gas holders and other buildings in the cultural-historical area will be illuminated. The event will fill the gasworks area with new energy, an area that previously produced gas for over a hundred years.

The event can be watched from outside the area between 18.30 and 19.30.

UN has through UNESCO appointed 2015 as the year of light. ÅF Lighting has arranged the competition in cooperation with UNESCO.

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