Reflow – this is how city’s hidden flows work

20 november 2015 12:44
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20 november 2015 12:51

Reflow – this is how city’s hidden flows work

Last week the exhibition Reflow opened in central Stockholm. Reflow shows the city’s interaction with different global and local flows of energy, water, and materials. It is an exhibition on how Royal Seaport works with the city’s different resource cycles to enable reuse and efficiency.

Reflow is a model built on the results from a reserch project that the city carried together with KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The model shows how flows of energy, water and materials interacts with each other and their environment, locally and globally.

About twenty research projects are currently running within Royal Seaport and several of these are elaborations of previous studies. Food recycling and storm water management are two examples.

An online version of Reflow will launched this winter.

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