Five years with a sustainability profile

20 november 2015 12:50
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15 december 2015 16:09

Five years with a sustainability profile: sustainability report of Stockholm Royal Seaport 2014

Available now, our yearly report as well as a look back at the first five years of sustainability efforts from Sweden’s largest urban development project.

In our yearly Sustainability Report you can read about the project’s experiences during the five years that we have worked with and within the areas sustainability profile. We have developed crossboundry co-operations with many different stakeholders and are on our to reaching the targets that have been set for Stockholm Royal Seaport. And we can see that our experiences from Royal Seaport are spreading.

”This report contains information about Stockholm Royal Seaport that we have wanted to present for a long time. Since 2010, when it was first decided that Stockholm Royal Seaport would be an environmentally profiled project and the initial work with the sustainability programme began, our aim has been to present the results that rise from that decision.”
Staffan Lorentz, head of development

Five years with a sustainability profile
• Four highlights:
• Meetings and dialogue builds engagement
• Site-allocation competition paves way for the future
• Let nature do the work
• International competition for solar energy in an urban environment
• How we work
• Some important milestones
• People: Enabling sustainable choices
• Buildings: Tools for sustainable solutions
• Urban district: We are building a city
• Stakeholders: Inspiring urban development
• Towards a sustainable city
• Target achievement – forecast for 2030

Download the Sustainability Report 2014 (PDF)

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